How to Fix Corrupted Non Responding Outlook 2007 PST Files

Is your Outlook 2007 PST Files Corrupt or Not Responding?? Are you looking for a way out to fix the issues off, if any of these holds true in your case & you are looking for a immediate fix to the same, you are at the right place as here you can know all about the easy way to resolve the issues off in all easy manner. Outlook 2007 inspite of the most widely used program for management & exchange of data time & again suffers from one or the other glitch and is rendered unusable in the very process. Losing those important customized information can turn disastrous situation in front of users, yet the same being a fairly common issue with Outlook personal folder files often mandates users to have equipped means to repair Outlook 2007 in any such circumstance that occurs.

Outlook maintains a central database, complex enough to store large volume of data from -emails to contacts, tasks, calendar, notes, integration & more. The third-party add-ins used in integration with the same often leads to issues, numerous objects so present could often make outlook 2007 Not responding and the fix to be implemented in scenarios as such is as described. Depending on the cause as it may be, following needs to be tried for.

How to Fix a Corrupt, Not Responding Outlook 2007?

There might be certain unwanted application or add-in installed within that is causing issues with proper access, or interfering in any manner whatsoever. To rectify these very issue it is mandatory to get those apps uninstalled or disabled for now. Application restart post this is likely to help you get rid of the issues in almost no time.

Preventing MS Outlook application from checking certain files, at the time it is restarted is likely to get the issue rectified. Renaming files may also help in cases, say renaming the extend.old file to frmCache.old

Apart from that, i.e. for the corrupt Outlook personal folder files you need to scan & fix the damaged mailbox with the help of scanpst.exe getting the same repaired easily & efficiently within matter of moments. Corruption of the PST file, often turns the same inaccessible & leads to non working Outlook program.

The very tool can be located from – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12\ , once found get the same executed in order to repair damaged items. The program checks for any inconsistency that lies with the same, analyzing file structures so as to get the same resolved. If, this works, Outlook non responding problem encountered is going to be sorted out.

However, here it is important to note that Inbox repair tool, the default repair tool of Outlook is not competent enough in repairing all damage that lies with the file. Severe corruption instances as well as those relating to the file data part damage may not be dealt with it competently and for this very reason the need of alternative utility arises in front of users. Outlook 2007 Repair Software efficiently handles this very task, making it all easy to get the damaged objects scanned, fixed and safely recovered in a matter of minutes. This very program being read-only in nature ensures for safe retrieval of all missing, corrupt & inaccessible items into a new usable outlook file, that runs perfectly without a single issue. Also the application supports easy recovery of contacts from Outlook 2007.

How Outlook 2007 Repair Software Works to fix corrupt, non responding PST Files?

Step 1 :- Once the tool has been download & installed, you need to launch it first of all in order to get your files repaired. From the main menu shown, browse & select the outlook data file to be repaired.

Step 1

Step 2 :- Click on the Scan button to get the scanning process started

Step 2

Step 3 :- Here, in the step you can see the scan going on and the stop button present may also be used for terminating the scan in between.

Step 3

Step 4 :- List of files damaged or corrupt is then shown in the left pane, from where the required files could be selected for being saved back.

Step 4

Step 5 :- Click the ‘save recovered file’ option to have the file stored and thereafter click OK button.

Step 5

Step 6 :- Here, in this step you can see the files being saved in the progress bar proceeding.

Step 6

Step 7 :- Once the files are saved, it can be easily accessed from the location stored at.

Step 7

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