“Outlook 2013 Search Not Working” How To Fix This Error

Outlook 2013 is a big gift for the all the outlook users by the Microsoft. Because in the latest version of outlook application Microsoft has tries his best to reduce all the demerits of its older versions of the application. It has more storage capacity and a interactive look and user friendly GUI. Users are getting well experience using this versions of the outlook application.

But unfortunately, outlook 2013 is also not apart from corruption like issues, there are so many reasons which results as outlook 2013 pst corruption and after that your pst files will become inaccessible and you see will so many fatal errors when trying to perform any tasks using outlook 2013. some of these error are given below:

  1. Outlook 2013 Search Not Working: It is a fatal error of outlook application which comes when the index files of the outlook application become corrupted. Once, you see this error again you will never will become able to search your files between all stored files or emails. Outlook indexing process will also not work. And finally it becomes very panic when become unable to locate your important pst filr or emails.

  2. Outlook “Out of Office” Now Working Error: Microsoft has provides “Out of office” facility with its latest version of outlook application. With the help of this features you can reply to your emails even you are not in office. But you see “Out of Office” Now Working Error after that your computer will not perform this action. There are so many reasons behind this error but the result makes user unable to send automatically answer.

  3. Outlook 2013 Stuck On Loading Profile”: Outlook 2013 Stuck On Loading Profile is a error which occurs when users need to open their outlook application. When you open the application you will see that it is stuck in loading profile and processing to be opened. It takes a lot of time even though will not be opened. You will see Outlook 2013 Stuck On Loading Profile. There are so many reasons behind this error like over sized files and infection in the files. If there are so many unread emails or junk emails are in the folder then you may see such type of errors. The error will make you unable to access your outlook application as well as your pst files.

Manual Solution To Fix Outlook 2013 Search Not Working Error:

To fix the error first of all you should well aware with the reason of the error. Once, you will know about the reason after that it will become very easy for you to get rid of such types of errors.

To know about the reason you will have to perform a process to analyze your outlook application. Some of these are given below:

  • Have You Updated You Outlook?

  • Such type of fatal error comes when your outlook become outdated or some time it also happens that when your outlook has not been updated properly. Just check it and perform the recommended action after that restart you outlook application. It might be that the Outlook 2013 Search Not Working may be fixed.

  • Since when you are getting the error?

  • It the error is being shown from the beginning then it may be the error is coming due to improper installation of the outlook application or if any files in missing in the windows or outlook. Due to network connection you may also see such type of error. To get rid of it you need to again reinstall the outlook application and repair your windows. After that check your network connection and make it correct if it is incorrect.

  • Check the same versions if working on another computer or not?

  • It means that if one CD has used in two computer to install the outlook application and ion one it is working and in another it is giving error means there is a some problem in windows registry or system settings. Mishandling of the application may also be a reason for this error. To fix this error check your windows control panel setting and also see the outlook setting. Reinstall the application if it is necessary.

  • Restart Your application in safe mode:

  • Restart your outlook application in safe mode. Safe mode helps you to make your data safe and secure from being lost.

  • Reset dat files

  • Such type of problem generally comes with the outlook 2007 and its older versions. All the setting and so many files get saved in dat-file due to which you see that Outlook Search Not Working.

  • Note: In outlook 2010 and 2013 this step can be skipped.

  • Disable add-ins

  • Ff you have restated in safe and and have reset the dat-files still if you are getting the problem then you need to disable add-ins. This may be helpful for you.

  • Try the inbuilt scanpst.exe tool to fix the error

  • Microsoft provides an inbuilt tool named as scanpst.exe tool. You can use this tool to repair your pst corruption and errors.

  • Recreate A new mail profile

  • Some time it is also seen that when there is a problem then you can create a new email profile which may help you to get rid of Outlook 2013 Search Not Working error.

Use PST Repair Software

If you are unable to perform these all complected problems , because to perform these all you need to have sound knowledge about windows registry and its applications. Your sight mistake while performing these all process will make your not only outlook corrupted but also your windows will become corrupted. And also some time it happens that after performing the all process user does not become able to fix Outlook 2013 Search Not Working error. In this situation it is highly recommended by experts to take help from PST Repair Tool. It is a best and powerful repair tool which is all in one solution. The tool have powerful and so many comprehensive features. It will easily fix all type of outlook corruptions, error, and inaccessibilities issues.

Extent Feature of PST Repair Tool

PST Repair Tool is and effort of expert software developers. They have written so string algorithms for it which allows you to perform so many custom process while recovery your pst files.

Some of its features are given below:

  • Securely repairs corrupted pst files

  • Pause and resume recovery process

  • Compatible with all versions of outlook including outlook 2010 and 2013

  • Allows to recover selected files

  • Runs on windows 7, 8 and its later versions

How Software Works?

There are only six simple steps which is to be followed in order to repair the corrupted pst files and to get it back.

Step 1: A button as “Select Outlook Mailbox” will be shown in the 1st interface of the software. Click and browse the folder which is to be repaired and then click on “start”.

Step 2: A process bar will show the scanning process. You can stop the process by clicking on “Stop” Button and resume it again.

Step 3: In the left panel the recovered items will be shown and when you will click on it the content of the file will be displayed in right panel.

Step 4: Select the file to save and choose the location to save the files and format then click on “OK”

Step 5: A process bar will run that will show your pst files are being saved. You are allowed to stop the process and perform it later.

Step 6: At last you will see a message that your files has been saved with the description of the files.

So, Try the tool and get rid of outlook errors easily.

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